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Enrolment Policy and Enrolment Cap

The enrolment cap

The enrolment cap for Springwood High School is 980 students.

The enrolment cap is the number of students that can be enrolled at a school based on the school’s permanent accommodation. The enrolment cap tells us whether the school may or may not have the capacity to accept non-local enrolments. It is not a target or limit on the number of local enrolments a school can take. More information about this Department of Education policy can be found at the following link: Enrolment Policy: Information for Parents.

Non-local Enrolment Criteria

Compassionate circumstances are prioritised in the criteria for non-local enrolment. Such circumstances may be supported by one or more of the following criteria.

•Siblings already enrolled at the school.

•Medical reasons.

•Social and emotional wellbeing reasons.

•Safety and supervision of the student before and after school.

•Structure and organisation of the school.

•Safety and supervision of the student before and after school.

•Availability of subjects or combinations of subjects.

•Proximity and access to the school.

•Change in the local intake area boundaries.

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