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Plan the final product

 Before you start your research, have a quick think about how you're going to present your work. t

It may seem a little premature, but if you know what you have to produce, you can collect the right material as you go and save yourself from having to go back for things later.

Usually teachers will specify the format they want

Different types of assignment formats need different resources.

For example:

  • essays need quotes from primary and secondary sources
  • powerpoint™ presentations need images and possibly videos
  • posters require images, illustrations, etc.
  • If you're writing an essay, you will need to find information in books, journals and on the web.

Assessment criteria

Teachers use assessment criteria to make sure they mark all students' work against the same standards. Assessment criteria are literally a checklist of things you must do to pass an essay or assignment – like a formula for good work.

It is important to refer to your assessment criteria while researching and writing, and demonstrate everything in the assessment criteria to an appropriate standard. By following the assessment criteria you can maximise your results.