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Note taking can be a very effective basis of your assignment. By analysing the assignment and creating a mind map of the main ideas of the task you can then select and organise your notes under the headings from the mindmap.

Ideas for effective note taking include:

  • Read the text first to get a good overview and then takeĀ  notes on the second read.
  • Record the information that relates to your assignment.
  • Use headings in your notes. It will make it easier to skim later.
  • Record the information in dot points of no more than one or two sentences.

When taking notes

  • Summarise the information into dot points without looking at the text
  • Note important people, dates, events and places
  • Collect quotes to use later
  • At this point record the bibliographic information for later use.
  • Make sure you look up the meaning of any words you don't understand and record the definition in your notes.

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