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Springwood High School @ Glenbrook

Springwood High School @ Glenbrook (Glenbrook Centre) is the off-campus support unit of Springwood High School, catering for students with internalising mental health disorders.

Applications for enrolment at the Glenbrook Centre must begin at a student’s home school. The application will also require documentation from specialist personnel such as school counsellors, psychologists and doctors. Positions at the Glenbrook Centre are allocated by way of a central placement panel who meet at set times during the school term.

The Glenbrook Centre is located on Ross Street on the former site of Glenbrook Infants School. Its goal is to support young people to engage with their studies in order to complete their education, enrich their talents and strive towards fulfilling their dreams. The interactive, flexible and supportive environment promotes learning in a smaller setting.

The criteria for a student to receive an offer of placement include the following:

  • Currently enrolled in Years 8-12. Year 7 enrolments will only be considered subject to a discussion with the principal.
  • Completion of an enrolment application at your current school. This is best discussed with your current deputy principal, head teacher of wellbeing or school counsellor.
  • The appropriate disability confirmation information (available from your current school).
  • Living within a distance of the setting that will be manageable on a daily basis.

There is a high demand for positions for the Glenbrook Centre. For further information, please contact Springwood High School.