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Sentral Parent Portal

Sentral Parent Portal

The Sentral Parent Portal provides parents with information about their child's time and activities at school. Access to the portal and each student's information is individualised, protected and made private by a user name and password.

Students may also use this portal by logging in with their Department of Education log in details. On the portal you will find:

  • your child's timetable 
  • attendance records for your child
  • assessment information, including assessment handbooks, calendar and exam timetables
  • a record of your child's activities at school, including excursions, school awards and awards received
  • individual NAPLAN results
  • copies of student reports

To register for the Parent Portal you will require your family access key. This information will be emailed to all families upon enrolment. Should you not have received this information, or require your access key to be reset, please contact the school office via email (springwood-h.school@det.nsw.edu.au).

The address to register for the portal is: https://springwoodhs.sentral.com.au/portal2/#!/register

Once successfully registered you will be prompted to enter your username (email address) and the password you created. To see information from the school and to link to your enrolled children, enter the access key provided. 

The URL for continued access to the portal is: https://springwoodhs.sentral.com.au/portal2/#!/login