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What do I do if ... parents

I need information about student absences, late arrivals, early leavers and similar: More detailed information can be found under the 'Attendance and Absences' page. 


I need to return permission notes for excursions, sport etc: excursions are an important part of our school's curriculum.  Parent/carers will receive written advice about each excursion and will be asked to sign and return a consent form. Credit card facilities and online payments are available. These details will be outlined on the permission notes.

All monies for excursions are to be taken to the school office. Students are not to pay excursion costs to the organising teacher. 


I need to cover the cost of Sport: Sport is compulsory in Years 7-10. Students are able to select from a range of sporting options, with changes made for summer and winter sport. Some of these options carry a small cost to cover transport and/or venue fees.  Details regarding these costs are available at the time of students selecting their choices.


My child has a medical condition: if your child has a medical condition that may affect his/her schoolwork, or about which the staff should know for health or safety reasons, please inform the school.  Such information is treated in the strictest confidence. Students are not to bring medication of any kind to school unless prior arrangements are made. We are not permitted to issue medication, including paracetamol, to any student.


I need to drop off/pick up my child by car. Please observe road signs and be aware of the bus zones located at the front of the school to avoid fines. Students are asked to park their cars off school property, along Chapman Pde or at the rear of the basketball courts. 


My child wishes to travel to school with a friend: a permission note must be received from parents/carers giving permission for the student to travel in vehicles driven by other students, or to drive a motor vehicle.  Information from parents/carers of drivers should also include names of approved passengers.


I am collecting my student during the school day without prior notice: you will need to report to reception and the administrative staff will arrange for your child to be collected. In the event of an evacuation or lock down, it is essential that there are accurate records of students on site. Therefore parents/students are not to arrange to be picked up without the knowledge of the office staff, including students messaging parents requesting to go home when unwell.