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Administering prescribed medication at school

Departmental policy and procedures require that when a medical practitioner has prescribed medication that must be administered during the school day, parents are responsible for:

·         bringing this need to the attention of the school

·         ensuring that the information is updated if it changes

·         supplying the medication and any 'consumables' necessary for its administration in a timely way

·         collaborating with the school in working out arrangements for the supply and administration of the prescribed medication.

Some key points to please remember:

·         Parents of children who require prescribed medication to be administered at school must complete a written request. There is a departmental form for this that can be supplied by the school- please ask for it when required. If parents have difficulty in completing the form, they can also ask the school for assistance.

·         Students must not carry medications unless there is a written agreement between the school and the student's parents that this is a planned part of the student's health care support.