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Creative arts

In creative arts, students discover a variety of art forms through a study of dance, drama, music and visual arts.

Studying the creative arts, students learn to appreciate, compose, listen, make and perform. Each art form has its own unique knowledge and skills, elements or concepts as well as a capacity to inspire and enrich lives.

Students must study 100 hours of both music and visual arts during Years 7 to 10. They also have an opportunity to further develop their knowledge and skills in other art forms through elective subjects including drama, dance, photography and visual design. Students can then select from a range of courses in Years 11 to 12.


Dance is an elective subject open to Years 9 - 12.

The Dance elective allows students to study the three practices of performance, composition and appreciation of dance as works of art.

Through performance, students learn different dance techniques and styles, safe dance practice, anatomy and the importance of nutrition. The practice of composition allows students to use their individual creativity as a form of expression through the development of original movement. Dance appreciation is a combination of both research and analysis of past and contemporary dance works and choreographers.

Dance students in the dance studio Dance students in the dance studio

The dance classroom is inherently one of trust and nurture where individual creativity is fostered and encouraged. In this subject the process and the product are equally valued.

Students also have several performance opportunities and represent the school in various dance festivals such as the Sydney West Dance Festival and the Blue Mountains and Nepean Festival. Other performance opportunities include expo and orientation days and as an interval showcase with the school's theatre company productions. Performance gives the students a chance to showcase the skills that they have developed through class as well as getting a well-rounded understanding of all aspects of dance as a performing art.


Year 10 drama production 2011

The 2012 Year 10 production 'Glutton for Punishment'.


Drama class
Drama teacher, Mr Denny, conducting a drama workshop

Drama is an elective subject open to students in Years 9-12.


Springwood High Schools reputation for drama is legend in the Blue Mountains and the school boasts a long history of first class productions. As a result Drama is a very popular elective in the school and has consistently enjoyed excellent HSC results in this subject.


Drama students learn the skills of performance, scriptwriting and production in an atmosphere of creativity and trust with expert guidance from Mr Mark Denny and Ms Abigail Cases.


Elective Drama students have many performance opportunities with several major and minor productions taking place.  The school has its own Theatre Company which produces a season of plays each year. Students perform in these plays, developing and extending the skills learnt in class. In recent years some of the technical work has been outsourced to Techline Stage Managements group whose skill and expertise lend productions a highly professional edge, affording opportunities to those behind the scenes to gain experience in the mechanical and technical aspects of dramaturgy.


In recent years the students have also been involved in theatre festivals such as the Sydney West Drama Festival and One Acts on the Mountain Theatre Festival.   This year (2011) has seen the Year 10 class present ‘I'll Show You Yours' and ‘Glutton for Punishment', produced by Mr Mark Denny. The Year 11 class presented ‘Trumpets and Raspberries', directed by Ms Abigail Cases.

Springwood High School Theatre Company


Springwood High School has its own theatre company.  In operation since 1989 and with over 50 full scale productions to its name, the company seeks to provide Drama students with a professional industry based model of theatre making.  The company operates as part of the elective Drama program in the school.


Each year the company produces a season of plays for audiences in its own purpose built intimate performance space, the Hall Stage Theatre.  Students are introduced to the company in Year 9 and will have staged a minimum of two major productions by graduation in Year 12.


Through the company students learn about all aspects of the dramatic process.  Many graduates return to continue their association with the company through the affiliated graduate company "Iceland Productions" which contributes a play to the annual season.  Graduates of the company have also gone on to make successful careers in the industry as actors, writers, directors, designers, technicians and film makers.


The work of the company is widely renowned in the local community and beyond.  In recent years it has been the recipient of many accolades including the highly prestigious Director General's Award for creative excellence.


Springwood High School Theatre Company is a unique institution within public education and is an important part of the school's public profile in the community.


Music students Student playing grand piano

At Springwood High School, the Music faculty aims to challenge and engage all students in  performance, composition, listening and musicology tasks.  The Music course aims to maximise individual talents, encourage independent learning and accomodate the diverse needs of all students across a wide variety of tasks and activities.


Year 7 Music students learn to sing and play the guitar, bass guitar, keyboard and drums through a wide variety of class performances.  Students learn to compose and notate their own melodies and rhythms, as well as how to arrange music using software packages such as GarageBand and ACID.  Students listen to and discuss a wide variety of musical styles from classical to pop, engaging in topics such as "Dance Music" and "Music at the Sydney Opera House".


Year 8 Music students further their knowledge through further in-depth analysis, performance and composition tasks.  Building on the musical skills established in Year 7 Music, students continue their performance efforts through a wide variety of contemporary and classical pieces.  Students also learn to take a composition from conception to performance by learning to write, arrange and perform their own works.  The "Music For TV and Film" topic gives students an opportunity to create, arrange and perform a soundtrack to accompany video.


Music is available as an elective course for Years 9 & 10. Musicality is developed through performance, composition, reading and listening tasks.  Students engage in topics such as "Music Technology", "Blues/Rock", and "Australian Art Music".  Students can continue their study of music for the HSC.


The Music department has an impressive collection of quality intruments, amplifiers,  microphones and sheet music for use in the class room.


Springwood High School has a choir for which all students can audition.  The choir has a repertoire of songs spanning many different styles.  The choir builds upon the strong musical foundation given to students in class by further developing aural, reading and performance skills.  Students are presented with many opportunities to perform over the course of the school year, such as recognition ceremonies, formal presentation nights and concerts held at the school.

Visual arts

students in visual arts


Visual Arts is an exciting and popular subject within the school curriculum. In addition to the mandatory course for all students in Years 7 and 8, we offer elective Visual Art and an elective Photography & Digital Media course in Years 9 and 10. These two courses are also offered as senior courses leading to High School Certificate.

Facilities include a digital room, black and white photography darkroom and an additional room for studio photography. Each teacher has their own home room with outside undercover working studio space.

Visual Arts achievements at school and within the community reflect the success of our teaching and learning programs. Every year senior students are selected to attend the HSC extension course at the prestigious National Art School in the city, competing against private and public schools across the state. Students are also selected by merit to attend the Dobell School at the same institution each year.

There have been many HSC students representing Springwood High School over the years at the ArtExpress exhibition. In addition, senior students have been finalists and semi-finalists in the Moran contemporary photographic exhibition held at the State Library in the city.  Students have also exhibited their HSC artworks at the Braemar Gallery in Springwood.

Our school provides a range of opportunities for students to exhibit their work, including an annual exhibition of HSC artworks. The exhibition is usually held in late August before works are submitted to the Board of Studies for marking.