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Principal’s Update - Welcome to Term 4 2021

Dear parents, carers and students,

I hope that you have had a welcome change of pace without the difficult balance of learning from home. Over the last two weeks, there have been further announcements regarding the return to face-to-face learning from the NSW DoE. I will provide an overview below, but there will be much more information in the coming weeks.

The official NSW DoE link to the detail of operational advice can be found at: https://www.education.nsw.gov.au/covid-19/advice-for-families 

School Development Day (SDD)

Our SDD has been moved from Monday 8th November to Tuesday 5th October (tomorrow). This was done to ensure that no additional days were lost once the return to face-to-face learning commences for all students. There will be no staff availability for online learning tomorrow, as they will be completing mandatory training requirements.

Return to school roadmap for Term 4

Learning from home will continue for all junior students from Wednesday 6th October. Formal lessons have concluded for senior students, however, staff will be available for student revision through Google Classrooms from Wednesday 6th October.

It is important that you continue to keep your children at home if you are able to do so. All our Springwood High School staff greatly appreciate the support that our parents have given them in this regard. In the first week or so of this term, all teaching staff will continue to work from home. In summary, the new changes relating to our school are that:

  • From Monday 18th October: Year 11 and 12 return to face-to-face revision/learning for the HSC examinations. The format of this return is currently being revised.

  • From Monday 1 November: Junior students return to face-to-face learning.

HSC examinations

The HSC examinations are still scheduled for the period beginning November 9. We will communicate further contingencies and plans to you regarding the operation of the HSC examinations. This will include information relating to alternative venues should Springwood High School be closed due to COVID-19, or catastrophic bushfire warning advice.

Vaccinations for students aged 12 years and over

Young people aged 12 years and over are now also eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccination. Vaccination appointments are available at over 3000 locations across NSW. This is only likely to increase in the coming weeks and months. I encourage you to consider the vaccination for your child to help provide an additional step in reducing the spread of COVID-19.

At the end of September, NSW Public Health Orders were updated to require that all staff members (teaching and non-teaching) are required to be fully vaccinated to maintain their employment approval. As we get closer to the deadline, I will update you on any operational changes that may stem from this requirement.

How will the return to school roadmap impact on the Combined Senior Curriculum (CSC)?

As you would be aware, Springwood High School operates a CSC model of curriculum delivery that does not align with conventional school dates. The return to school roadmap has, unfortunately, a very awkward fit with the CSC model.

The revised dates announced by the NSW Government during the break have further complicated our planning. At this stage, we still intend to adhere to our plan to begin the new academic year on Monday 8th November.

It is proposed that our Year 10 (2021) students will complete a senior induction and intensive learning program whilst the SY1 (2021) complete their HSC examinations. I must stress that I am working closely with the NSW DoE and NESA and ensure that our students are catered for in a fair and just manner.

Wellbeing and year group activities

Please keep a careful eye on your year group Google Classroom, and announcements from your year adviser. For serious wellbeing matters, please contact our DPs - Ms Fisher (Years 8, 10, 12) or Ms Driscoll (Years 7, 9 and 11). They will be able to provide expert support and initiate referrals to our school counselling team and/or external agencies.

I think that we are all looking forward to re-engaging in a more “normal” society over the coming weeks and months. Our teaching and non-teaching staff are looking forward to seeing your children again very soon. I will continue to provide you with updates regularly. Again, I thank you on behalf of our Springwood High School team, and I look forward to sharing our updated plans and events with you during this term.

Kind regards,

Stuart Harvie

Principal (Rel.)